Saving The Jews Saving The Jews Saving The Jews
Saving The Jews Saving The Jews
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Foreword by Gerhard L. Weinberg

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Chapter 1 The New Deal, “The Jew Deal”
Chapter 2 Wops, Dagoes, Bulls, Hebrews and Niggers
Chapter 3 “The Old Roosevelt Magic Has Lost Its Kick”
Chapter 4 “I Myself Could Scarcely Believe That Such Things Could Occur”
Chapter 5

Our Gratitude Is as Immense as the Ocean”: The Voyage of the SS St. Louis

Chapter 6

“Not a Question of Money, but Lives”: FDR Tries to Ransom German Jewry

Roosevelt On A Ship Chapter 7 “Well, Bill, It’s Come at Last”
Chapter 8 “The President Had Said That He Would Wage War but Not Declare It”
Chapter 9 “We Will Help to End the Curse of Hitlerism”
Chapter 10 “Spies, Saboteurs and Traitors Are the Actors in This New Tragedy”
Chapter 11 “We’ve Got to Go to Europe and Fight”
Chapter 12 “No Force on Earth Can Stop Them”
Chapter 13 “This Bestial Policy of Cold-Blooded Extermination”
Chapter 14 Placating Moroccans and Killing Japs
Chapter 15 Disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle
Chapter 16 “The President Was Deeply Moved By the Situation”
Chapter 17 American Jewish Patriots, Palestinian Jewish Terrorists and “The Irgunist Hoax”
Chapter 18 “One of the Blackest Crimes of All History” and the War Refugee Board
Chapter 19 “What Is the Job before Us in 1944?”: D-Day And A Dying President
Chapter 20 “The First Victims Would Be the Jews”: Why FDR Did Not Bomb Auschwitz
Chapter 21 FDR Attempts to Create a Jewish State for the Victims of “Indescribable Horrors”
Chapter 22 The Verdict


Afterword by Alan Dershowitz






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