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Saving The Jews Saving The Jews
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A Short History Of Charleston
A Short History Of CharlestonRobert N. Rosen's A Short History of Charleston has been hailed by critics, historians, and especially Charlestonians as authoritative, witty, and entertaining. Packed with anecdotes and enlivened by passages from diaries and letters, the fast-paced narrative recounts the port city's role in such signal events as the American Revolution, secession, and the Civil War.

"Sprightly and entertaining. . . . Robert Rosen has captured the flavor and flair of Charleston as few writers have been able to do."—The Post & Courier, Charleston, South Carolina

"Rosen is alert to the ironies and idiosyncrasies of his native city, and he writes of personalities and events with an easy, knowing hand, neither boastfully nor regretfully."—The State, Columbia, South Carolina

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